A great film about our moral obligation to make secure storage sites for nuclear waste

Most countries with nuclear reactors have not yet created long-term storage sites that will keep nuclear waste safely removed from human contact for the necessary 100,000 years. Only Finland has taken seriously the moral obligation to protect future generations from the hazard we created in the 20th and 21st centuries. The film Into Eternity is a fascinating look at the questions that arise with such an undertaking. If we put up signs to warn future generations, what language will they understand? Would it be better to have no sign at all so that they wouldn't be tempted to disturb the site?

"Jaw-dropping! Tackles a subject almost beyond comprehension. One of the most extraordinary factual films to be shown this year. Madsen's film does not merely ask tough questions about the implications of nuclear energy...but about how we, as a race, conceive our own future. This is nothing less than post-human architecture we are talking about. Why isn't every government, every philosopher, every theologian, everywhere in the world discussing Onkalo and its implications? I don't know, but they should see this film."

- Peter Bradshaw, Guardian (UK)

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