One more thing to worry about

 MKS-1501M «Mangust» Bank dosimeter-radiometer (SNIIP, Russia)

"MKS-1501M Instrument is applied in banks in the course of cash money reception and distribution for detection of banknotes with radioactive contamination."
Safe storage of radioactive Series money KSZ-5 (Russia)
"KSZ-5. The container is used for moving and temporary storage of radioactive banknotes, roots and packages."

These odd devices are symbolic of numerous unexpected alterations to normal living that emerge after a nuclear accident. The world breathes a sigh of relief as the media and government pronouncements declare the emergency has been brought under control, but radionuclides dispersed by the meltdown and explosion seem to be an eternal gift that keeps on giving. They show up in the food, sewage sludge, fertilizer, corpses, smoke from burning forests, and banknotes that circulate through the forbidden zones!

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