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No Immediate Danger, Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth, by Dr Rosalie Bertell 
The Book Publishing Company, Summertown, Tennessee 38483 
ISBN 0-913990-25-2 
pages 15-63

"In 1964 Hermann Muller published a paper, Radiation and Heredity, spelling out clearly the implications of his research for genetic effects (damage to offspring) of ionising radiation on the human species... Muller predicted the gradual reduction of the survival ability of the human species as several generations were damaged through exposure to ionising radiation. This problem of genetic damage continues to be mentioned in official radiation-health documents under the heading 'mild mutations,' but these mutations are not 'counted' as health effects when standards are set or predictions of health effects of exposure to radiation are made. There is a difficulty in distinguishing mutations caused artificially by radiation from nuclear activities from those which occur naturally from earth or cosmic radiation. A mild mutation may express itself in humans as an allergy, asthma, juvenile diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, high blood cholesterol level, slight muscular or bone defects, or other genetic 'mistakes.' These defects in genetic make-up leave the individual slightly less able to cope with ordinary stresses and hazards in the environment. Increasing the number of such genetic 'mistakes' in a family line, each passed on to the next generation, while at the same time increasing the stresses and hazards in the environment, leads to termination of the family line through eventual infertility and/or death prior to reproductive age. On a large scale, such a process leads to selective genocide of families or species suicide."
(italics added)
source quoted:
H. Muller. "Radiation and Heredity." American Journal of Public Health, vol 54, no. 1, 1964, pp. 42-50.

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