The Real Problem with Renewables

While this is a blog calling for the end of nuclear energy, I've tried to keep an open mind about the pros and cons of all forms of energy, and I haven't been duped by the greens who like to gloss over the problems with renewable energy, but finally I think I have found an argument that really gets to the most serious deficiency of green energy:

from Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity
November 19, 2012:

"We like that there's a risk of chaos and death in tapping oil, coal and nuclear energy, oil spills and explosions, radioactive meltdowns, mine collapses, fracking earthquakes, inflammable tap water... Every two years a solar panel should explode with the force of a neutron star... you know, horrible, horrible stuff because... we want risk, we want death and destruction, screaming and explosions, we want to feel like we captured a dragon that could escape at any moment wreaking havoc on our way of life.. So all I'm saying is: wind and solar and other renewable energies, if you want to save this planet, start killing more people. Then, and only then, will we consider you a player."

Watch the whole four-minute explanation on Lee Camp's brilliant Moment of Clarity channel on Youtube.

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